August 20, 2015

In order to assert a claim of medical malpractice in Washington D.C., you need to establish a doctor-patient relationship existed, that the doctor did not maintain a reasonable standard of care, and that you suffered harm or injury from the doctor’s medical negligence. Some medical malpractice lawyers offer free initial consultations to assess the facts of your case. Not only is this free consultation a great opportunity to discuss your malpractice claim, it can also help you judge a potential attorney’s experience.

When searching for a medical malpractice attorney experience and competency should be the main qualities you seek. In your initial consultation, you can ask the lawyer about the kinds of settlements he or she has obtained for other clients. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer has likely obtained millions of dollars in compensation for clients over the years. You can also determine whether a lawyer specializes in medical malpractice by looking at his or her biographical information online. An experienced attorney will post information about the types of cases he or she has handled. Additionally, experienced attorneys will post helpful information on their websites about filing a medical malpractice claim.