March 15, 2016

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that can result from a birth injury caused by malpractice. Every individual with cerebral palsy near Washington, D.C. experiences the disorder in a unique way. However, it is common for cerebral palsy patients to display developmental delays. As infants and young children, victims of medical negligence may fail to sit, crawl, and walk at the expected age. Some children may experience movement problems that affect the whole body, while others may only be affected on one side of the body. Many children with cerebral palsy must learn to use adaptive equipment to ambulate, while others are never able to walk.

For some people, living with cerebral palsy also means living with intellectual disabilities. Cognitive impairments may affect a person’s comprehension, learning, language skills, memory, problem solving, attention span, and speech proficiency. Sometimes, individuals with cerebral palsy must also cope with seizures, vision or hearing problems, behavioral challenges, sleep disturbances, and psychological conditions. two teenage boys


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