June 9, 2015

For most parents, giving birth is a joyous occasion. But, in a matter of minutes, this exciting day can result in devastating consequences if the child suffers a birth injury. Such injuries occur in and near Washington, D.C. Children who sustain birth injuries that result in long-term consequences find that their cognitive, physical, educational and work abilities are permanently impaired. These children also incur expenses for specialized medical care and treatment, and adaptive equipment.

Types of Birth Injuries | Washington, DCCerebral palsy 
Cerebral palsy is a very serious birth injury in which the baby sustains brain damage resulting in motor deficiency. While cerebral refers to the brain being affected, palsy refers to the paralysis in the area of the brain that becomes dormant. This type of brain damage usually occurs before, during, or shortly after birth, but and can create a lifetime disability for the injured child. There are different causes of cerebral palsy, which can include the failure of the health care providers to act appropriately when treating the pregnant mother and the infant during the birthing process. Such negligent acts can include a failure to deliver the baby timely, inappropriate use of forceps or a vacuum-extraction tool, inappropriate care and treatment during the monitoring of the baby during labor, and other types of negligent care.

Brachial Plexus Palsy
The brachial plexus is a network of nerves found in the neck region and extend to the upper limbs. These nerves control movement and sensation in these limbs. These nerves can be stretched or torn during the birthing process when the fetus is large and the doctor applies too much pressure during delivery. This can result in severe permanent injury and disability.