September 8, 2015

If your child sustains cerebral palsy at birth near Washington, D.C., the condition may manifest itself in a number of developmental disabilities. This birth injury can occur during labor and delivery, or shortly thereafter. If your child develops cerebral palsy, pinpointing the precise cause can be a difficult and painful process.

cerebral palsy at birth near Washington, D.C.Cerebral palsy is actually a broad term that refers to a group of disorders involving motor impairment. If your child developed cerebral palsy because of medical neglect, the condition usually develops by age two or three. Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive brain disorder, so it does not continue to worsen throughout life. However, the symptoms do change over time. Infections during pregnancy, delivery trauma and severe oxygen deprivation can all cause cerebral palsy. As a parent, you may notice signs of cerebral palsy over time. The primary symptoms are impairment of muscle tone, balance, control and motor ability. If your child develops this birth injury, you may also notice developmental delay. For example, your child may be delayed in reaching key growth milestones, including rolling over, sitting and walking.